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Founded in 2002, Helicon Tech Corporation is a privately held company that develops, licenses, and supports software solutions for fine-tuning web servers. The company’s products serve to the needs of Apache emulation on Microsoft IIS (Ape), search engine optimization (LinkFreeze, ISAPI_rewrite), protection against bandwidth theft (Hotlink Blocker), HTTP compression and caching (Helicon Jet).

Current products

Ape The company’s key product, called Ape (which stands for Apache Emulation), emulates Apache runtime environment inside IIS[1]. The software implements Apache configuration model (with httpd.conf and .htaccess configuration files) and all most demanded Apache modules[2] smoothing website migration from Apache to IIS[3]. Apache emulator allows configuring Perl, PHP and other Unix-oriented web applications for IIS as if they were to run in their native Apache environment.

ISAPI_Rewrite ISAPI_Rewrite is the module that allows rewriting URLs inside IIS. The module is useful in any public facing application or website, especially one where search engine ranks matter and plain-looking URLs are highly valued[4]. Being compatible with Apache’s mod_rewrite, ISAPI_rewrite has allowed software and services designed to be run under Apache web server (for example WordPress[5]), to be operated under IIS.

LinkFreeze LinkFreeze is a software product used to make dynamic links look like static. It “freezes” dynamic URLs by extracting parameters, thus making them better performing in search engines, since search engine crawlers tend to disregard pages under dynamic URLs for indexing. LinkFreeze can be tuned up separately for different directories of a website and does not require any modification of the page itself.

Hotlink Blocker Hotlink Blocker is an IIS plug-in to protect a web server from hotlinking. The software provides protection in three different ways. Hotlink Blocker is useful for all websites hosting downloadable content: documents, images, videos, Flash games, etc.

Helicon Jet Helicon Jet is a complex software solution to save web traffic. It provides HTTP compression, server- and client-side caching, and a lot of minor features.


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