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Hindi Blogosphere is used to describe the online predominantly community of Hindi weblogs that is part of the larger Indian Blogosphere.



Alok Kumar is known as first Hindi blogger. His blog नौ दौ ग्यारह (9-2-11) is the first known Hindi blog. Initially due to difficulties involved in Hindi typing very few people wrote in Hindi but later on due to availability of Hindi typing tools, number of Hindi bloggers started growing gradually.

In 2007. number of Hindi blogs increased rapidly. It was due to advent of Indic Unicode support in various blogging services, advent of new Hindi typing tools e.g. Google Indic Transliteration tool in blogger and promotion of Hindi blogging in media.

Types of blogs

During earlier days, most Hindi blogs were of personal nature, there were no topic focused blogs or they were negligible. During 2007, number of Hindi blogs increased rapidly and blogs focused on various topics like cinema, technology, science, hobbies, photo blogs were evolved.

Akshargram Network

Akshargram Network is a non-profit, volunteer community group of Hindi bloggers and technocrats which is devoted to promote use of Hindi and other Indic languages on computer and Internet.

This group conducts various websites and services related to Hindi blogging. It played a major role in promotion of Hindi during its initial days on Internet. Its various services like Narad - Hindi blogs aggregator, Sarvagya wiki, Paricharcha forum etc helped a lot new bloggers to get settled.

Various services of Akshargram Network:-

Akshargram server is down for some time, so its websites are not accessible at the moment.

Hindi Blogosphere Community

Keeping in view the few number of Hindi bloggers, the earlier bloggers established various communities to promote Hindi blogging. Some of them are:-

Various community services

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