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Type Private
Founded August 2005
Headquarters Tel Aviv, Israel
Industry Ad supported video downloads
Website http://www.hiro-media.com

HIRO Media is an Israeli based company that has created a platform for ad supported video downloads. HIRO developed the "Positive DRM" which enables the distribution of video content with no viewing or distribution limitation (including P2P networks) while protecting the content owner's rights & revenues. HIRO offices located at Tel Aviv, Israel, New York city, USA and Sydney Australia



HIRO-Media was founded in 2005 by Ariel Napchi and Ronny Golan. Prior to HIRO-Media, Golan and Napchi founded and managed the wireless community start-up Valis, which was later sold to Axis Mobile (AIM : AXIS). In November 2005 the company launched the world’s first free ad supported video download service with Jetix Israel. In, 2006, HIRO – Media launched Vofree.co.il video portal and created the download feature for NBCU's dotcomedy.com [1] In 2007 Reshet TV launched with HIRO media a download service which became the first free ad supported download service by a broadcaster [2].

Other partners of HIRO Media include BT [3] and Noga communication.

On March 2008, HIRO-Media launched its Mac version becoming the first platform to enable ad supported video downloads for Mac computers [4] and launched a catch up tv service with ninemsn in Australia[5]

Positive DRM

HIRO's proprietary DRM branded "Positive DRM" is designed especially for ad supported video. The "Positive DRM" uses an alternative approach for protecting content, which focuses on protecting the embedded advertisements and not the content itself. One of the manifestations of this DRM approach is that the files can be distributed through any P2P or social network environment. No hack to the "Positive DRM" has been found to date.

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