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Jump to: navigation, search is an online map-based rental housing and real estate search engine, which is both free to search and list. Launched in November 2005, the site allows users to search for housing using a graphical map. Listings are displayed at their addresses, allowing users to conduct a location-based search. Through the graphical interface, users click on individual property listings depicted by animated building icons. Whereas many websites are mash-ups of other mapping applications, like Google Maps, HotPads uses its own original mapping application.



HotPads was founded in 2005 by Matt Corgan, Douglas Pope, and John Fitzpatrick, built for the rental property industry. HotPads currently has 2 million for sale and 175,000 rental properties listed[1], with its most densely listed areas being New York City and Washington DC. Based on information from 2006, HotPads operates with a staff of 10 people out of Washington, DC[2]. The company’s business model is based on advertisements and listing enhancements.

Other features

Other features of the company include a find a roommate function and a blog, called HotPads Daily. The blog addresses a range of topics including the start-up process, the real estate industry, Web 2.0, and the ongoing developments of HotPads.

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  1. Real estate info flows freely on the Web
  2. HotPads gets new digs, plus a cool $2M in funding
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