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HubSpot, Inc.
Type Private
Founded June 2006
Headquarters Cambridge, Massachusetts
Key people Brian Halligan, CEO & Founder
Dharmesh Shah, CTO & Founder
Jim O'Neill, CIO
Mike Volpe, VP Marketing
Mark Roberge, VP Sales
Yoav Shapira, VP Engineering
David Stack, CFO
Jonah Lopin, VP Customer Services
Industry Internet Marketing
Web Analytics
Online Marketing
Products HubSpot Owner
HubSpot Marketer
Consulting service
Employees 85 (7/9/2009)[2]
120 (10/23/2009) [3]

HubSpot is a venture funded[4] online marketing and web analytics company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Its customer base grew from over 1,400 (as of July 2009)[2] to over 1,800 (as of October 2009)[3], mainly in the USA.



The founders, Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, met at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2004 and incorporated HubSpot in June 2006[5]. It was backed by venture capitalists including General Catalyst Partners[6], Matrix Partners[7][8][9], and Scale Venture Partners[10].

Products and Services

  • HubSpot Small Business[11][12] (formerly HubSpot Owner) offers SEO, marketing analytics, content management system, business blogging, and landing pages.
  • HubSpot Medium[11][13] (formerly HubSpot Marketer) add features such as integration for closed-loop marketing metrics. A related product (HubSpot Large) adds features such as premium support.
  • Consulting services[14]


HubSpot is based on the idea that permission or inbound marketing (e.g. appearance in a search engine results page (SERP) at the moment a prospective customer is searching on a term related to your product) is more powerful than interruption or outbound marketing (e.g. TV advertisements that interrupt a person at random who wants to watch the show not an ad). Their products help customers use and measure internet marketing techniques such as social media, blogging, and search engine optimization (SEO). They include a set of tools such as:

  • Business blogging and analytics
  • Keyword Grader which help you find search engine keywords that are popular, relevant, and are relatively neglected by ones competition
  • Link Grader to assess and compare the number and authority of the inbound links that most modern search engines use to generate their SERPs
  • Page Grader to offer suggestions for on-page SEO such as length of the title and description in the head of HTML pages, alt tags on images etc.
  • Website Grader which compares web sites for SEO qualities, and offers suggestions for improvement. The paid version adds trending and other features versus the gratis version.

The company is influenced by the ideas of David Meerman Scott who serves on its board as special advisor[15]. Scott featured Website Grader is his book World Wide Rave[16] and HubSpot is a sponsor of the Inbound Marketing Summit[17] that Scott co-organizes. Scott wrote the foreword and is series editor of a book that Halligan and Shah co-authored[18]. Scott's E-book Goobledygook Manifesto[19] inspired (an automated tool to detect gobbledygook) and some metrics in A copy of Scott's book The New Rules of Marketing and PR[20] appears prominently on Rebecca Corliss's desk in her music video that satirizes Link love[21].

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone is celebrity guest of Karen Rubin and Mike Volpe on April 17, 2009 Photo: Kyle James (CC-BY-SA)

HubSpot models the behavior it teaches its own customers by promoting itself through conversations, not one-way broadcast, and by the 'publish your way in' (or 'think like a publisher' or 'always be publishing (ABP)') mindset. This strategy is in alignment with Google's advice to webmasters[22] that to rank high in the SERPs you must create great content that readers will want to link to. Content includes:

For one episode[27], the hosts secured a celebrity guest appearance from Biz Stone not by hiring a booking agent but by hearing he was in the area, hosting a #BizInBoston Tweetup event[28], and then creating a viral campaign[29] on Twitter itself using a #bizinboston hashtag and mentions of Stone's Twitter username. The tactic initially caused concern among some members of the Twitter community, but these were quickly resolved[30].

Return on Investment

A recent study by a student at MIT Sloan School of Management indicates a substantial return on investment of the HubSpot methodology[31]. HubSpot itself also has published several success stories[32]. One web site offers a free spreadsheet to estimate ROI on such methods[33].


HubSpot is a sponsor of, a community website for marketers[34].

Easter Eggs

Besides the eight listed subdomains[35], the site has an unadvertized Easter egg subdomain:

Criticism and Controversy

Guy Kawasaki praises Website Grader[36] for its effectiveness and its congruence with his webmaster's SEO practices and own informal SEO strategy of "Create as good content as you can and assume that Google finds it." On the other hand, Michael Gray claims[37] that automated analysis of the on-page and off-page SEO can give misleading results compared to human expert analysis. The comments section of this posting includes a rebuttal from Shah. Similar pro and con themes emerged in a discussion[38] on the Web Pro World Forum.

Video blogger Steve Garfield visited the studio for the Biz Stone episode[27] and published a largely favorable review[39].

HubSpot's Hill & Shah satirized their industry in a cartoon[40] which speculates that such marketing is only being used incestuously to market marketing to marketeers. Nick Ellery's commentary[41] on this expresses concern that it's hard to find "gems" for marketing.

In his analysis[42] of Google's sandboxing of Website Grader in May 2009, SEO expert Rand Fishkin speculated that it was a case of Google's anti-spamdexing algorithm "...throwing out the baby with the bathwater." The domain acquired over 250,000 inbound links from inception to the time the article was written[43] and it's possible this unusually rapid growth tripped a "circuit breaker" in Google's algorithm. By September 2009 or earlier, HubSpot has overcome this issue, and its position on Google SERPs for the queries Fishkin used is at or near the number one position.

Some attendees of HubSpot webcasts question[44] HubSpot's judgement on the delicate matter of when one has won permission to talk about ones products rather than the audience's critical business issue.


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External links

  • - official site
  • - free samples of the type of tools HubSpot uses for measuring online presence

Trademark Notice

HubSpot is a US registered trademark of HubSpot Inc."Status of HubSpot from USPTO TARR server". 

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