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Stable release 3.x
Operating system Windows
Type Metal Building Quoting System
License Free, Proprietary
Website http://www.iconbuildings.com/

The ICON Quote System or IQS is a free web-based ClickOnce program that permits the creation of varying designs of metal buildings online, view a real-time 3D rendering, and retrieve a set of plans via PDF. IQS runs on the Microsoft© .NET 3.5 platform. Originally released in 2005 as QuotePlus, it is developed by ACEROCAD-CTS, and distributed by ICON Technology. Using a parametric feature based modeler the software creates shop drawings based on the real-time calculations. In 2008, the IQS version of ACEROCAD-CTS was released worldwide for public use and is the only[citation needed] online solid modeling quote system for metal buildings.

IQS facilitates viewing, manipulation, expansion, building-component additions, color selection, and other options to customize a building to the user’s needs. IQS also includes support for multiple video rendering types in order to optimise processor use. With (DirectX, Graphics Device Interface, and OpenGL), IQS is used to create the design of a metal building with the desired dimensions.

IQS is based on ACEROCAD-CTS which is a fusion of several modern programming, engineering and development techniques that provide the same functions as traditional CAD programs without the processing overhead.

Software version updates

ACEROCAD-CTS and IQS has scheduled the release for multi-storey building design in June 2009.[citation needed]

Code changes ((IBC 06) (FBC 07) (CBC 07) and others) for the United States have been maded through the following organizations:

Many changes followed the adoption of the AISC 05, ASD 13th Edition and the revised 2001 (amended) North American Specification For Design Of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members as published by the AISI.

Specific changes had an effect on most of the computations and ACEROCAD-CTS / IQS follows the latest equations to calculate the C&C (components and cladding) design pressures, edge strip zones, extension loads, wind pressure and suction follows the exact formulas as prescribed by the current code and additionally performs a cross analysis of ASD, LRFD as follows.

  1. AISC 89 Allowable Stress Design (ASD)
  2. AISC 05 Allowable Stress Design (ASD)
  3. AISC 05 Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD)

As an integral part of the structure the cladding and components are considered and calculated to perform based on the codes safety requirements along with outputs of comprehensive calculations and reports that show complete load combinations, results and UC factors/ratios.

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