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ID-Ten-T Error (also seen as ID10T and ID107) is a term often used by tech support operators and computer experts to describe a user error, a problem that is attributed to the user's ignorance instead of a software or hardware malfunction. It is a masked jab at the user: when ID-Ten-T is spelled out it becomes ID10T ("idiot"). It is also known as a "Ten-T error" or "ID:10T error".

Historical use (circa 1995) includes phone tech support personnel instructing the user/customer to place the line "id=10t" in their config.sys file.[citation needed]

A highly popularized example of this is a user mistaking their CD-ROM tray for a cupholder, or a user looking for the "any key". However, any variety of stupidity or ignorance induced problems can be described as ID10T errors.

Other uses

In Navy and Army slang, the term has a similar meaning to that describable above though it's pronounced differently:

  • The Navy pronounces ID10T as "Eye Dee Ten Tango". [1]
  • The Army pronounces 1D10T as "One Delta Ten Tango". [2]
  • 1D10T (pronounced "one dee ten tee") is also used in Army slang in reference to the massive amounts of paperwork involved in getting anything done, e.g., "this requires a one dee ten tee form".[citation needed]

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