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Developer(s) Matthias Reuter
Stable release 2.04 / January 31, 2009
Platform PHP / MySQL
Type Software Development Kit
License GNU General Public License
Website ipbwi.com

IPBWI (Invision Power Board Website Integration) allows you to create PHP applications that can interact with Invision Power Board (IPB). IPBWI contains more than 130 functions within a single class that can be used to simulate nearly all of the functions with Invision Power Board.

IPBWI is based upon the already existent IPB SDK class and picks up on the function that the project used to provide. The latest versions of Invision Power Board are no longer supported by IPB SDK and therefore IPBWI must be used.



A small features-summary of this tool:

  • member login / logout (single sign on)
  • creating members
  • deletion of Forums, Topics, Polls, Posts and Members
  • interface forum/website
  • output of topic-content on website
  • forum output on website
  • user profile view
  • user profile edit
  • support for bbcode and custom bbcode
  • Smiley-Parsing: free defined textchars will be converted to graphically emoticons
  • attachment-support (in posts and PMs)
  • weblog-function (replies on topics)
  • mighty rights management (based on the boards one)
  • who is online statistic
  • simple board statistic output
  • anti-spam techniques
  • polls

Help and Support

All features are documented in project's manual. To get an overview how powerful the API is, on official homepage are many live-examples created which allow reading of their sourcecode to use it for own projects. Free support is also given via forum, an installation guide helps to go the first steps. Official support is given in English and German, additionally there is french support available in a third-party forum.

Contributing to the project

As it's GPL-Status many contributions from several coders were included still today. It's possible to get a sponsor to support the project monetary.


IPBWI has taken over development of IPB SDK and continues to offer revisions to the code to work with current version of Invision Power Board.

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