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ISL Online
Developer(s) XLAB
Initial release October 1, 2003 (2003-10-01)
Written in C++
Operating system Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Platform x86, x64
Available in Multi-language
Type Internet Communications Software
License Proprietary
Website ISL Online


ISL Online - internet communications is a suite of software services that allows users to connect seamlessly over the Internet even when they are behind the firewalls or inside the private networks using either a Network Address Translation (NAT) gateway, or a proxy server. ISL Online (Internet Services Layer) consists of 4 products:

The products are bundled in All-in-One licensing model, which offers the possibility of using all products with one registered account. ISL Online products were developed by XLAB in 2003.

ISL Light

ISL Light is a remote desktop support software which allows help desk operators to offer clients online technical support. The connection between the supporter and the client is established over the Internet by matching the unique session code. ISL Light automatically initiates an outgoing connection using ports either 7615, 80 or 443. No installation or configuration is required on either side to start the session. Once connected the operator can view the client's desktop and remotely control keyboard and mouse.

  • remote desktop control
  • desktop sharing
  • application sharing
  • text chat between the operator and the client during the support session
  • file transfer and file synchronization
  • whiteboard tools
  • VoIP and video communication
  • session recording
  • reboot & reconnect
  • remote printing
  • customizable user interface
  • questionnaires to gather feedback from clients and operators after each support session
  • user management
  • reporting
  • multilanguage

An industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technologies are used to protect data transfer. The RSA 1024 Bit Public / Private Key Exchange and the Diffie-Hellman cryptographic algorithm is used to negotiate symmetrical 256 Bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) end to end encryption. End-user applications are digitally signed by a VeriSign Certificate.


In 2008 the German computer magazine c't[1] tested the performance of 22 remote desktop support solutions and the ISL Light was awarded the best score, winning 7 out of 8 stars.[2]


ISL Light runs on Windows, Mac OS X and many Unix-like operating systems.

ISL AlwaysOn

ISL AlwaysOn is a remote administration software which provides users a remote access to an unattended computer over the Internet. A one time installation of the host application is required on the remote computer to set up a computer access password. Once installed a user can access to the remote computer from any web browser. ISL AlwaysOn runs on Windows operating system.

ISL Pronto

ISL Pronto is an enterprise Instant messaging software for real-time communication between the sales or support personnel in the companies and the website visitors based on typed text. It runs as an interactive Ajax-based web application outside of a web browser and allows companies to answer sales inquiries and support requests online. ISL Pronto needs to be embedded in the company's website by adding the <script> tag, in order to display the Live Chat button to the website visitors and to monitor the presence of the sales or support personnel in the company. When the website visitor clicks the Live Chat button a text chat session is initiated and the sales/support representative can quickly present a product or provide answers to arising questions. ISL Pronto runs on Windows, Mac OS X and many Unix-like operating systems.

ISL Groop

ISL Groop is a Web Conferencing software designed for online meetings, webinars[3], on-demand collaboration, e-learning and video conferencing. It allows users to host a meeting on the Internet and send meeting invitations to the participants by email. The attendees can join the meeting by clicking on the invitation link and downloading the ISL Groop application. The meeting participants can also join the session by entering the unique session code online. ISL Groop runs on Windows operating system.

Technology Overview

The ISL Online software services run on the Internet Communication Platform based on the Grid technology. ISL Online Network of dedicated servers is distributed around the globe to assure maximum reliability, security and performance. The network's architecture is fault tolerant, includes geographically load-balancing mechanisms, distributed session roaming, and is independent of the central server.


ISL Online software is priced per active connection. The All-in-One licensing model allows users to use all ISL Online products with one registered account and one license. Only the number of sessions running simultaneously is limited by the license. Two forms of licensing are available:[4]

  • Hosted Service: ISL Online sessions are hosted on the ISL Online Network of dedicated servers worldwide. Prepaid pay-per-use or annual subscription available.
  • Server License: Provides the users possibility to set up and configure the independent ISL Online server in the company.

Customers Worldwide

Since 2003, ISL Online has built up international presence by attending the tradeshows such as Cebit[5] and providing the multilanguage graphical user interface, product websites, documentation and customer support services. In July 2009 there have been 70,000 registered users from over 100 countries. ISL Online products are mainly used by the SME IT companies but also by larger corporations such as teleroute[6], banks, manufacturers, insurance companies and other industries.[7] Most of the licenses are sold in the European markets, USA and Japan[8].

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