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Developer(s) projektfarm GmbH
Stable release 2.2.35 / November 25, 2009
Preview release / October 16, 2009
Platform Linux
Type Control Panel
License BSD license

ISPConfig is an open source hosting control panel for Linux. ISPConfig is licensed under BSD license. ISPConfig simplifies the complicated details of setting up DNS, multiple unique domain name websites on one physical server box, and e-mail accounts for multiple users on those websites.

Setting up ISPConfig is somewhat challenging, but it is much easier than coding DNS files by hand. ISPConfig can help new Linux users configure web and e-mail faster and easier than they could without it.

This makes ISPconfig a "gateway to Linux" skills. People get the end benefits of complex servers while they continue to learn about them.

ISPConfig speeds up and simplifies common server administration and operation tasks, such as creating lots of new user e-mail accounts or quickly setting up lots of roots (starting folders) for new websites. Coding these changes by hand from a command prompt would take more time and effort. It would be repetitive (boring), and prone to errors. On the other hand, nobody would do that. Most large-scale installations use existing automation tools. Adapting these to the special configuration and filesystem layout of ISPConfig can require a lot of work. This is why ISPconfig is mainly targeted at new installations.


ISPConfig provides interfaces for the management of internet services by an ISP provider and the ISP clients. The following services and features are supported:

  • Servers
  • Services
    • E-mail management and forwarding
    • Security (SSL certificate management etc.)
    • Mail scanning, spam & anti-virus
    • Firewall
  • Statistics & ISP Management
    • Webalizer
    • Quotas: disc, traffic etc.
    • IP-addresses
    • User registration and Billing
  • Self Management
    • Shell-access
    • Per-User Administration backend

The complete list is available at the [1] on the features page

New versions of ISPconfig are geared towards a new MyDNS server which has not come into widespread use outside of ISPconfig installations.

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