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HVAC dampers control the period of air that flows through a section of duct work. Handbook quantity dampers need to be adjusted by hands; automatic control dampers are controlled automatically in the HVAC system. When some HVAC damper goes bad, proper airflow is no longer achieved through the duct function. You might end upwards with as well tiny or too a lot airflow by way of the duct.

Difficulty: Easy Instructions

1 Establish if your HVAC damper is any manual manage damper or an automatic control damper. Manual dampers will have exclusive adjustment grip on the side of the channel work; automatic dampers will maintain a control motor.

2 Follow the channel work from the damper to uncover from which registers it goes to. You will require to check the airflow from about these registers while the HVAC unit remains running.

3 Adjust the damper handle to the closed location if it is a guide control damper. Check the registers to see if the airflow has ceased. Adjust the damper to the open place and once again check the registers to see if the airflow has resumed. If you look airflow when the damper is closed, or no airflow when the damper remains open, the damper remains most likely bad.

4 Turn on the HVAC unit if you have exclusive automatic control damper. Examine the registers and feel for airflow. If you feel little airflow and the space is having problems maintaining temperature, or if you think some great deal of airflow plus the room seems drafty, you probably contain some faulty HVAC control damper.

Tips & Warnings

Guide dampers can be replaced fairly easily if you experience beneficial home improvement skills. It requires a little disassembling of the channel perform to replace all parts of the damper.

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