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Commercial? Yes
Type of site Micro-blogging
Registration Required
Available language(s) Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, German, Greek, English (US), English (British), English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Macedonian, Norwegian (bokmal), Dutch, Polish, Portuguese Brazil, Russian, Swedish, Telugu, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Taiwanese)
Content license Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
Owner StatusNet Inc
Created by StatusNet Inc
Launched July 1, 2008 is an open source social networking and micro-blogging service. Based on StatusNet, a micro-blogging software package built on the OpenMicroBlogging specification, allows users to send text updates (known as "notices") up to 140 characters long. While similar to Twitter in both concept and operation, provides many features not currently implemented by Twitter, including XMPP support, geolocation, personal tag clouds, and groups. In addition, allows free export and exchange of personal and "friend" data based on the FOAF standard; therefore, notices can be fed in to a Twitter account or other service, and also ported in to a private system similar to Yammer[1].

The service received over 8,000 registrations and 19,000 updates within the first 24 hours of publicly launching[2], and reached its 1,000,000th notice on November 4, 2008[3]. In January 2009, received investment funds from a Montreal-based venture capital group[1]. As a result of this, an upgrade and new design was launched on 23 January 2009.

On March 30, 2009 Control Yourself (since renamed StatusNet Inc) announced that was to become part of a hosted microblogging service called to be launched in May 2009. offers individual microblogs under a subdomain to be chosen by the customer. will remain a free service. All notices will be published under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license by default, but paying customers will be free to choose a different license[4].


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