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Developer(s) Joey Hess et al
Initial release 29 April 2006[1]
Stable release 3.20100122[2] / 3.14159 was (July 16, 2009; 366539136 ago)[3]
Written in Perl
Operating system Unix-like
Type Wiki software
License GNU General Public License#Version 2 +
Website http://ikiwiki.info/

ikiwiki is a wiki software system designed by Joey Hess.



ikiwiki compiles wiki pages into HTML pages for publication. Unlike conventional wiki software, ikiwiki stores its pages in a standard version control system[4] such as Git or Subversion or 6+ others.[5] The term "wiki compiler" was coined by ikiwiki's designer to compare the program's function to that of make or gcc for computer software projects;[6] other wiki compilers call themselves a "wiki processor".[7]

ikiwiki is implemented in Perl, although external plugins can be implemented in any language.[8] It supports several markup languages, including Markdown, Creole,[9] reStructuredText and Textile.[4] In the simplest case it can function as an off-line static web site generator, but it can use cgi to function as a normal web-interfaced wiki as well. Login via OpenID is supported.

ikiwiki is included in various Linux distributions, including Debian.[10] Licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later,[11] ikiwiki is free software.

Use as a (possibly-distributed) bug tracker

Although wikis and bug tracking systems are conventionally viewed as distinct types of software, Ikiwiki can also be used as a (possibly-distributed) bug tracking system (for instance, insert an "Index of the 30 most recently fixed bugs" via the wikiscript [[inline pages="bugs/* and link(done) and !*/Discussion" sort=mtime show=30 archive=yes]]); however "Ikiwiki has little structured data except for page filenames and tags, so" its query functionality is not as advanced or as user-friendly as some other, non-distributed bug trackers such as Bugzilla.[6] However, structured data on the page (beyond tags & path names), as field-value pairs, is being designed.[12]

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