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File:Imhalal logo.png
Slogan I Search Halal, I am Halal!
Commercial? Yes
Type of site Search engine
Available language(s) 15
Launched 1 September 2009
Alexa rank 27,135[1]
Current status Online

ImHalal is a search engine designed in respect of the culture of muslims.[2] The search engines algorithm differs from alternative search engines because the relevancy of the results are based on the culture, mindset and lifestyle of Muslims. The engine doesn't index content such as pornography, nudity, cartoons of Muhammad or anything else that might be "haram" according to the Sharia.[3][4]

According to one of the founders of, the idea of this search engine grew from a couple of his friends, who all used Yahoo! and Google search engines, and kept bumping into explicit content. The company is expecting a large percentage of their userbase from the Middle East.[5] The website has received mostly positive comments from Muslims,[6] The search engine is going to opensource a part of its source in the near future by publishing an API[7]




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