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IMobLife is a joint venture corporation, which was founded in 2005. It is headquartered in Beijing, China, with five offices in North America and the European Union. It mainly develops mobile software to help cellular phone users access online information, browse news and blogs, view online pictures, and access live stock quotes, mutual funds, futures and ETFs through their handhelds. IMoblife’s products includes MobFinance, BlogLive, RssNews!, and FinanceNews. IMobLife is also member of Emobistudio, ASP, AISIP and OISV.



MobFinance is a real-time stock tracking software and mobile stock portfolio management software that enables an investor to monitor portfolios by retrieving stock quotes and live charts directly to mobile phone.

Bloglive is a mobile blogging application that enables you to update your online blog directly from your BlackBerry.

RssNews! is a mobile RSS news reader which enables you to read news and blogs directly from mobile phone.

Memory Checker is an interesting mobile puzzle game that checks your short-term memory.

Brainwave Tuner is a brain wave stimulation application that generates tones with binaural beats, which can change your brain frequency towards the desired state, be it relaxation or enhanced attention.

FinanceNews is developed based on RssNews!


MobFinance Worldwide allows users to monitor portfolios by retrieving stock quotes and live charts of 57 exchanges from the United States, the United Kingdom, China, India, Canada, Germany, Australia, Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Belgium,Denmark, France, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, South Korea, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

code country exchange
A1 Argentina Buenos Aires Stock Exchange
A2 Austria Vienna Stock Exchange
A3 Australia Australian Stock Exchange
B1 Brazil Sao Paolo Stock Exchange
B2 Belgium Brussels Stock Exchange
CA1 Canada Toronto Stock Exchange
CA2 Canada TSX Venture Exchange
CB1 China Shanghai Stock Exchange
CB2 China Shenzhen Stock Exchange
D1 Denmark Copenhagen Stock Exchange
F1 France Paris Stock Exchange
G1 Germany Berlin Stock Exchange
G2 Germany Bremen Stock Exchange
G3 Germany Düsseldorf Stock Exchange
G4 Germany Frankfurt Stock Exchange
G5 Germany Hamburg Stock Exchange
G6 Germany Hanover Stock Exchange
G7 Germany Munich Stock Exchange
G8 Germany Stuttgart Stock Exchange
G9 Germany XETRA Stock Exchange
H1 Hong Kong Hong Kong Stock Exchange
IA1 India Bombay Stock Exchange
IA2 India National Stock Exchange of India
IB1 Indonesia Jakarta Stock Exchange
IC1 Israel Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
ID1 Italy Milan Stock Exchange
IE1 Ireland Dublin Stock Exchange
M1 Mexico Mexico Stock Exchange
NA1 Netherlands Amsterdam Stock Exchange
NB1 New Zealand New Zealand Stock Exchange
NC1 Norway Oslo Stock Exchange
P1 Portugal Lisbon Stock Exchange
S1 South Korea Korea Stock Exchange
S2 South Korea KOSDAQ
S3 Singapore Singapore Stock Exchange
SA1 Spain Barcelona Stock Exchange
SA2 Spain Bilbao Stock Exchange
SA3 Spain Madrid Fixed Income Market
SA4 Spain Madrid SE C.A.T.S.
SA5 Spain Madrid Stock Exchange
SB1 Sweden Stockholm Stock Exchange
SC1 Switzerland Swiss Exchange
SC2 Switzerland Virt-X
T1 Taiwan Taiwan OTC Exchange
T2 Taiwan Taiwan Stock Exchange
UA1 United Kingdom London Stock Exchange
UB1 United States of America American Stock Exchange + NASDAQ Stock
Exchange + New York Stock Exchange + BATS
UB2 United States of America Chicago Board of Trade
UB3 United States of America Chicago Mercantile Exchange
UB4 United States of America New York Board of Trade
UB5 United States of America New York Commodities Exchange
UB6 United States of America New York Mercantile Exchange
UB7 United States of America OTC Bulletin Board Market
UB8 United States of America Pink Sheets

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