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Indian Blogosphere (or IndiBlogosphere) is used to describe the online predominantly community of Indian weblogs that is part of the larger blogosphere.



With the advent of unicode when typing in Indian languages on computer became possible, blogs in Indian languages started to be written. Hindi blogging was started by Alok Kumar.

Intially due to non-availability of Indic typing tools or due to non-awareness of such tools Indian blogosphere was small. Later on, due to spread of awareness in this regard and due to developement and availability of Indic typing tools, number of Indian blogs started growing rapidly.

Indic language typing tools

Although the standard keyboard of Indian languages is InScript yet Phonetic transliteration based typing became most popular for unicode Indic typing inspite of its drawbacks. The two most popular phonetic typing tools of old times are Indic IME and BarahaIME. In 2007, with the advent of Google's Indic Transliteration tool in its blogging service Blogger, it became the tool of choice for new bloggers because it is based on dictionary and do not needs a learning curve.

Blog platform

Although Indian blogs are being written on various platforms yet Google's Blogger is most popular among Indian bloggers. It is due to the fact that it supports Indic Unicode and has rich features. In 2007, Indic language typing tool Google Indic Transliteration was also integrated in it, no need of separate Indic typing tool was left.

In addition to this, WordPress being supporting Indic Unicode, is most popular among those who host their blog on their own domain.

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