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Type Public Corporation (NASDAQINSP)
Founded March 1996
Founder Naveen Jain
Headquarters Bellevue, Washington, USA
Key people Will Lansing (Chairman, President, and CEO)
Services metasearch and private label Internet search
Revenue $140.5 million for FY2007[1]

Infospace (NASDAQINSP) provides metasearch and private-label Internet search services for consumers and businesses.[2].

InfoSpace's flagship metasearch sites is Dogpile; its other consumer brands are WebCrawler, Nation, My.Arfie, DoGreatGood and MetaCrawler[2]


InfoSpace was founded in March 1996 by Naveen Jain after he left Microsoft. The company, starting with only six employees, built an online yellow pages service to be funded through advertising. A set of simple chat rooms (based on HTML and meta refresh) were also available on the site. Naveen Jain stayed on as its CEO until December 2002, when he left to start online information commerce company Intelius.

Infospace went public on December 15, 1998. The company raised $75 million in the offering.[3]

In July of 2000 Infospace acquired Go2Net. After the merger, Go2Net CEO Russell Horowitz became president of Infospace.[4]

Infospace stock price, which reached $1,305 in March 2000[5], crashed down to just $2.67 by June 2002.[6]. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen lost an estimated $400 million during the bursting of the dot-com bubble.[6]

Also in 2000, Infospace used a controversial accounting method to report $46 million in profits when in fact it had lost $282 million according to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.[7]

In 2003, InfoSpace acquired Moviso[8] from Vivendi Universal Net USA. Moviso provides ringtones, wallpapers, and video games, usually accessed through a mobile handset enabling wireless carriers to charge a fee for these downloads.

In 2004, InfoSpace acquired Switchboard, which is now owned by Verizon spin-off Idearc Media, and overshadowed by Idearc's SuperPages. It also moved into the mobile games space, acquiring Atlas Mobile, IOMO and elkware.[9]


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