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Slogan "kill capitalism before it kills you"
Commercial? No
Type of site Anarchist resource
Owner Alternative Media Project
Created by Chuck Munson
Launched January 1995 is an anarchist website and project of the Alternative Media Project.



Infoshop was founded in January 1995 as the Mid-Atlantic Infoshop by Chuck Munson.[1] Munson had been working as a system librarian at University of Maryland-College Park, one of the perks of which was a free web account. Having previously co-founded an online archive of anarchist texts, the Spunk Library, in 1992, Munson established Infoshop as a general resource on anarchism, moving to the domain name in 1998.[1] Munson reorganized the website as a collective project in 2001, and as of November 2008, it is run by a core of nine people, supplemented by regular writers and volunteers.[1] Having previously being involved in publishing Practical Anarchy magazine, the collective announced plans on launching a quarterly magazine titled Infoshop News & Views to go "head-to-head against other American leftist magazines".[1]


On January 30, 2010, an announcement was posted on Twitter stating that "The Infoshop servers will be offline indefinitely. The power company turned off the juice to the building."[2]


A prominent feature of the site is Infoshop News, an open publishing newswire similar to that of Indymedia.[3] Initiated in 1997, the news service is one of several thousand English language publishers carried by Google News. The site has a number of other sections, including forums, and wikis such as The Matrix: Anti-capitalist Database. In April 2008, a link aggregator, Infoshop Links was launched, using software based on popular social bookmarking service Digg.[4] The site also mirrors the anarchist-written FAQ "An Anarchist FAQ". A 2003 academic study of anarchist websites found that Infoshop was "the key anarchist site" and the only core anarchist site to closely cover the contemporary anarchist movement in addition to anarchist theory.[3]


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