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Type Private
Founded 2007
Headquarters Mumbai, India
Industry Retail
Products Apparel

Inkfruit is an online t-shirt store, where t-shirt designs are submitted and voted for by a community. It was launched in December 2007 (then called Gnome) by Fingerprints Fashion Inc., based in Mumbai, India. Kashyap Dalal is the CEO of Inkfruit. [1]



The community of Inkfruit submit tshirt designs.[2] These designs are put to vote on a scale of 1 to 5. The design that receives most votes 'wins', gets printed and is put for sale. The member whose design is selected gets paid a winning amount.

Often contests are held which requires the submitted designs to be on some theme. Some of these are:

  • Gnome Gods Ahoy: This is an annual contest.[3]
  • Express India: The theme was India[4]

On signup a member gets 50 credit points. Every design submission gets 5 points and uploading a photo wearing an Inkfruit t-shirt gets 20 points. Each such point equals 1 INR credit on Inkfruit online store.[6]

Offline Stores

Inkfruit has around 35 retail outlets in various cities of India. [7]


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