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Innercircuit, Inc
Type Privately held company
Founded 2007, San Francisco, California,
Headquarters San Jose, United States

Innercircuit is an American internet software company providing online housing tenure rent collection and community portals for residential property managers and owners. With clients in over 25 states, it is one of the largest actors in the United States market.



Innercircuit was founded in San Francisco, United States in 2007. The founder and CEO, Michelle M. Christensen, started the company after noticing an urgent need for tenants to communicate better with their property managers and neighbors, while providing the option to pay rent or homeowners' association dues electronically.


Innercircuit's product is a service that allows residential tenants or home to pay rent electronically and transfer funds directly to their property managers or building owners, either via echeck or credit card payment. The payment system can be directly integrated into a property manager's accounting software, eliminating data entry and manual check processing time.

Innercircuit can also establish an online community portal for the apartment building or neighborhood that allows managers to tenant and tenant to tenant direct communication. Property managers can make community announcements, tenants can post maintenance requests, or tenants can meet other tenants within their community.

The Innercircuit service also works within a homeowners' association.

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