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Type Private
Founded Illinois 2006
Founder(s) Jason Green
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois
Industry CRM Software and Professional Services
Products intelecrm, intelestaffing, intelesourcing
Employees 50+

Intelestream is a professional services and product development firm specializing in Open Source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software applications.



The company was founded in 2006 by a group of CRM industry veterans, led by Jason Green, who was an early employee of SugarCRM. Green determined the growing market for Open Source CRM consulting services warranted the formation of a separate organization. Intelestream began as a professional services provider to organizations implementing and customizing the SugarCRM suite of products. Intelestream's early clients during this period included the National Headquarters for the YMCA [1].

By the end of 2007, Intelestream had developed the first fully functional Google Maps integration tool for SugarCRM, marking the company's inaugural step into software development[2]. In 2008, The company continued to gain recognition throughout the CRM community for its extensive SugarCRM plugin offerings including The StarRater, The Address Verification Tool, The Zip Code Radius Search and The Phone Number Formatter [3].

While continuing to keep SugarCRM consulting at the core of its business, Intelestream expanded its open source software development efforts with the release of Perpetual Sourcing (later called intelesourcing), the first talent sourcing application for human resources to follow a CRM-logic workflow[4].

With the official release of intelecrm in 2008, Intelestream became a provider of their own open source CRM application [5].


Intelestream develops three open source enterprise applications:

  • intelecrm
  • intelestaffing
  • intelesourcing

Intelecrm is marketed by the company as an affordable CRM solution with on-demand hosting. intelestaffing and intelesourcing are geared towards the Recruitment and Human Resources industries respectively[6].


Intelestream has officially partnered with other leading enterprise application service providers including, Compiere, DataSync, info@hand, interspire, serence, talend, and Red Hat[7][8][9].

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