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The J-Walk Blog is a weblog, or blog, created and maintained by John Walkenbach of Tucson, Arizona, USA. Mainly a daily-updated list of links to strange, interesting, or wacky things found on the internet, it has a loyal and vocal cadre of regular visitors and its comment section is a lively and active forum for debate on a wide array of topics.


The blogmaster

John Walkenbach (sometimes referred to as "Mr. Spreadsheet" [1]) is an author of computer books[2], primarily dealing with Microsoft Office Excel, a spreadsheet application, and the proprietor of J-Walk & Associates, an Excel consulting firm. The company's title is partially tongue-in-cheek, as Walkenbach freely admits that he is the only 'associate.' Walkenbach is also the creator of several Excel add-ins and an accomplished amateur photographer.

Walkenbach resides in Tucson, Arizona with his long-time female companion, who is identified only as 'Pamn.' The spelling is the result of her attempt to add distinction to an otherwise common name.

The blog

Unlike many weblogs, the J-Walk Blog is not a personal diary. The life and happenings of the blogmaster are occasionally, though lightly, addressed. The blog's subtitle is "Things that may or may not interest you", and the content is true to this description. Walkenbach posts links, often with brief commentary, to strange, interesting, or unusual web pages that he encounters or that are suggested by readers. It is a deceptively simple concept, and not entirely unique, but the results are an oddly engaging and, to many, addictive form of entertainment and intellectual stimulation.

The links chosen for inclusion are eclectic and vary widely, but several themes have become apparent among the otherwise random assortment. Walkenbach's love for guitars and banjos are recurring motifs, as are his contempt for religion, e-mail 'spam', and Digital Rights Management (DRM). Walkenbach has also created several parody webpages, of which The 3rd Annual Nigerian EMail Conference is best known.

The culture

The readers of the J-Walk Blog are a loyal and vocal group from around the globe. Frequent commenters have gotten to know one another, and Walkenbach has even met with some of them in person. The readers address the links and each other in the comments section, a lively forum for debate and discussion. While the discourse can become heated, ad hominem attacks are discouraged and profanity is forbidden. Topics discussed run the gamut from outright silliness to serious theological disputes, although the 1000-character limit imposed by the blogmaster often limits the depth of the discussion. The blog claims to be "Reducing corporate productivity" by keeping employees entertained and distracted from their appropriate duties.


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