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The J2ME ARMY KNIFE is a free J2ME graphics and effects library.

The primary goal of the library is to provide access to graphical capabilities not otherwise available on the J2ME platform, and to make it as easy as possible to use those capabilities to their fullest potential.

As such, the J2ME ARMY KNIFE library allows mobile developers to quickly and easily create complex and impressive graphics in just a few lines of code.

The list of effects and features includes, but is not limited to:

  • Simple bitmap fonts
  • Textured bitmap fonts
  • Advanced mask overlays
  • Advanced mask fills
  • Image distortions (like wobble)
  • Image rotation (any angle)
  • Image smoothing
  • Image resizing
  • Scrolling effects
  • Transparency and color manipulation
  • Instant read-write access to an image's underlying RGB data
  • Tiled image creation

The effects can be combined together, so it is possible for example to create a wobbly bitmap textured font.

The J2ME ARMY KNIFE runs on any MIDP 2.0 / CLDC 1.1 device.

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