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Developer(s) The jAPS Team
Stable release 2.0.8 / October 12, 2009; 137176799 ago
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Enterprise portal
License GPL
Website www.japsportal.org


jAPS 2.0

jAPS 2.0 - java Agile Portal System is an Open Source, professional "Enterprise Accessible Information Platform" that makes easier aggregation, publishing, access, customization and integration of services, information, processes and resources, compatible with international standards like WCAG 2.0 and Section 508. jAPS 2.0 Platform provides performance, reliability and scalability features typical of enterprise software (“Enterprise”), allows users with disabilities to access and manage information and services ("Accessible"), seeks to simplify content management ("Information") and it can be used as a framework ("Platform") to build vertical applications based on contents (“Content Enabled Vertical Application”).

jAPS & Technology

jAPS 2.0 is entirely based on standard technologies developed on Java EE platform, XML and SOA architecture that provide support for the integration with other systems.

jAPS 2.0 Mission

jAPS 2.0 project aim is to make information, services and collaboration accessible to everyone. “Web Accessibility” means that people with visual, auditory, motor and cognitive disabilities can have equal access to information, data and functionalities. jAPS 2.0 intends web as a platform: it facilitates interactive information sharing, interoperability and collaboration and provides basic characteristics and features to achieve digital inclusion (no digital divide!).

Is jAPS a Content Management System?

jAPS is more than a web content management system. It's a platform that can integrate custom services, modules and other specific applications.

The web content management system called jACMS (Java Agile CMS) is an integrated module compatble with accessibility requirements of W3C WCAG standards. It allows to manage the life cycle of contents and related resources (documents, images, etc.) and it's also easy to use for disabled people.

jAPS Features

  • provides a secure unified access to information, data and applications with single sign on capabilities (Single Point of Entry)
  • allows to share information and collaboration services (Collaboration)
  • allows users to choose contents and services (Personalization)
  • facilitate easy customization to meet specific needs (Flexibility)
  • simplify content management: workflow management, categorization, indexing and information search (Content Management)
  • allows to aggregate features of heterogeneous systems, data from other systems and CMS contents into new web components (showlets/portlets) as dashboard (Aggregation)
  • allows to integrate external services into a single platform (Integration)
  • provides extensible authentication and authorization features to control access to resources, information and functionalities (Permissioning)

jAPS Professional Services from Tzente

jAPS 2.0 project is fully supported by Tzente S.r.l., the official Mainteiner. Tzente provides professional services: support, consulting, training, certifications and custom development Tzente provides also a jAPS 2.0 Certified Edition with subscription services.


jAPS is available on Sourceforge since November 2005 and there is an active community. Companies, government, software developers, Universities, experts in accessibility are members of jAPS Community.

Release History

  • November 27, 2005: jAPS 1.0 released (the first public release)
  • March 24, 2006: jAPS 1.2 released (some improvements, some fine tuning and bug fixing)
  • December 9, 2008: jAPS 2.0 released ([1])

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