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JICIMS - Joint Industry Committee for Internet Measurement Systems

Initially a 2003 working party comprising representatives of the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau), AOP (Association of Online Publishers), IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising) and ISBA (Incorporated Society of British Advertisers) it became a joint industry committee, JICIMS being inorporated as a company in 2007. Its main goal is to develop a single user-centric currency that can be used to trade online media. Online advertising tends to be traded either on CPM, CPC or CPA metrics currently, but in an effort to gain more support from advertisers (especially FMCGs) JICIMS was created to find a currency that would resemble an existing currency used on another medium (such as TVRs on television). There are currently no industry-agreed metrics in place regarding user-centric measurement of online; site-centric metrics are in place and online publishers’ data is available from ABC electronic.

Peter Bowman serves as the JIC head. Thus far online advertising has thrived in the UK without JICIMS, a phenomenon that has been oft referred to as a JIC-less wonder.

Now headed by Mark Cranmer

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