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Jakarta JMeter
File:Jakarta jmeter logo.jpg
Developer(s) Apache Software Foundation</td></tr>
Stable release 2.3.4 / June 21, 2009; 146922415 ago</td></tr>
Preview release nightly build / nightly build</td></tr>
Written in Java</td></tr>
Operating system Cross-platform</td></tr>
Type Load Testing</td></tr>
License Apache License 2.0</td></tr>


JMeter is an Apache Jakarta project that can be used as a load testing tool for analyzing and measuring the performance of a variety of services, with a focus on web applications.

JMeter can be used as a unit test tool for JDBC database connections, FTP, LDAP, Webservices, JMS, HTTP and generic TCP connections. JMeter can also be configured as a monitor, although this is typically considered an ad-hoc solution in lieu of advanced monitoring solutions.

JMeter supports variable parameterization, assertions (response validation), per thread cookies, configuration variables and a variety of reports.



Jakarta JMeter versions
Version Release Date Description
1.0.2 March 9, 2001 earliest in archive
... ...
2.3RC3 July 11, 2007
2.3RC4 September 2, 2007
2.3 September 24 2007
2.3.1 November 28, 2007
2.3.2 June 10, 2008
2.3.3 May 24, 2009
2.3.4 June 21, 2009


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