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Developer(s) 3rd Eye Solutions
Stable release Jugglor 3.1
Operating system Windows
Type Flash tool and Presentation software
Website [1]

Jugglor is software that turns the user's Flash files into stand-alone programs. Jugglor provides the user with the flash tools the user needs to make Projector files. With this software the user can create animated intros, e-cards, portfolios, slideshows, tutorials, multimedia games and applications and much more.
Jugglor is a tool that uses the Projector file as the Flash player, while the other software uses the OCX control. It means the user doesn't have to distribute anything else with your app, since the Flash player is built-in. Using Jugglor and the projector is safe as no matter what Flash player users have, the Juggled file will not interface with their system settings.
There are now two Jugglor products available, Pro and Standard. The Pro version gives you more comprehensive collection of features plus many more tools for free.
The last version of Jugglor software is 3.1. It supports all versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7. It also supports the new updated Flash Player 10. Jugglor 3.1 allows you auto creation of MX, MX 2004, Flash 8 and CS4 Projector files from a SWF file.

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