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JumpTap, Inc.
Type Private
Founded 2004
Headquarters Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Key people Dan Olschwang, President and CEO; Lacey Brandt, CFO; Adam Soroca, VP and GM Search and Advertising; Paran Johar, CMO; Menashe Rothschild, CTO
Industry Mobile Search & Mobile Advertising
Products Monetization Platform
Mobile Search Engine
Mobile Advertising Network
Employees 51-200 (2008)
Website www.jumptap.com

JumpTap, Inc., is a mobile search and advertising solutions provider headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with offices across North America and in London, Madrid, Paris, Rotterdam, Stockholm and Tel Aviv. The company develops white label mobile search and mobile advertising technologies. The mobile advertising industry is predicted to be worth at least USD$7.6B by 2013 [1].

  • Mobile subscribers - JumpTap provides search results for the mobile internet
  • Mobile operators (wireless carriers) & Content Publishers - These companies provide the subscribers (the "inventory") and can contribute data to increase advertising relevancy.
  • Advertisers - JumpTap provides advertisers - brands, agencies and mobile shops - with targeted advertising solutions so they can reach their audience with relevant advertising.

JumpTap enables operators to fortify their position as the sole provider of mobile marketing and generate revenue by maintaining control over subscriber traffic. Mobile operators are entrusted with enormous quantities of private customer data, which can then be leveraged to sell highly-targeted mobile advertising to marketing firms. JumpTap helps the operators profit from these ads while at the same time maintaining a walled garden, which prevents competition from large internet search companies like Google and Yahoo.

The company received financial support of $22 million from Valhalla Partners in 2006 as Round C financing.[2]

JumpTap currently works with 16 mobile operators in 9 countries, reaching over 140 million mobile subscribers. Their mobile operator partners include Boost Mobile [3] , Alltel Wireless [4] , Rogers Wireless, Fido , Virgin Mobile USA [5] , Bell Canada , Telefonica [6] , TeliaSonera [7] . JumpTap's mobile advertising network was recently expanded to include two of the largest and most well-known content publishers in the world: Fox Mobile Entertainment and NBC Universal [8] .

JumpTap has strategic alliances with Autodesk [9] , Openwave [10] and the world's largest communications group WPP [11] amongst others.

In 2007 JumpTap launched Smart Components, which returns mobile search results to users in fewer clicks. The service uses intelligence gathered from the search habits of consumers, to anticipate the type of content a user wants (i.e. ringtones or images) when entering a query. It then displays the most likely results, grouped by content type for easy discovery.

Awards and Recognition

In 2007, JumpTap received the following notices of recognition and excellence:

  • AlwaysOn Top 100 Companies[12]
  • IDC's Ten Emerging Players to Watch in 2007[13]
  • FierceWireless Top Wireless Companies[14]
  • Frost and Sullivan Entrepreneurial Award for Mobility
  • Fortune Magazine Top 24 Innovators[15]

In 2008, JumpTap received the following awards and recognition:

  • Gold award for Best Advertising and Marketing Search Engine at the Visiongain Mobile Advertising and Marketing Awards[16]
  • AlwaysOn Northeast 100 Private Company Award[17]


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