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KartOO was a meta search engine which displayed a visual interface. It operated from 2001 to early 2010.

Kartoo Search Results


KartOO had an advanced GUI. Its color scheme was to a degree reminiscent of Apple Computer's Aqua interface. Search results were presented as a "map", with blob-like masses of varying color connecting each item. On rollover of an individual result a bunch of red lines connected related links. If one began their search with a general topic, KartOO sometimes helped to narrow it down. Every "blob" clicked added another word to the search query.


It was co-founded in France by two cousins, Laurent and Nicholas Baleydier. This project was then launched in 2001. Most of their advertisement has been through word of mouth.

In 2004, KartOO launched a new version called UJIKO (they are actually the five keys on the keyboard like the concept of QWERTY). The interface looked more like a "jukebox" with the linked sites as playlists.

In January 2010 KartOO closed down, removing all content from the KartOO and UJIKO websites, but leaving a small message in French thanking its users for their support.

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