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Keyword Competitor is an online search engine keyword tool that allows for real-time keyword research and competitor monitoring. The service offers a fully functional version through paid subscription, or a free lifetime trial version. Established in 2008 and headquartered in Durham, New Hampshire, this online keyword tool was formally released September 2009. The search engines that this competitor keyword tool presently searches are Google and Yahoo.


Historical Significance

It is the world's first real-time keyword software[1], meaning it does not present older stored data. Keyword Competitor has the singular ability to gather and present information from what is happening right now on the search engines.


This competitor keyword tool lets the search marketer run both Keyword Research and Competitor Discovery reports to discover paid (pay-per-click or PPC) and organic keywords targeted by competitors. The reports also reveal the advertisements associated with the search keyword and other competitors vying for it. They are interactive and may be sorted on the column heading of interest to the user. The reports may be exported in either PDF or CSV format. They may be emailed in HTML format or as PDF attachments. The reports may also be saved to the Report Management Widget. The capability to track keywords and monitor competitors can be added directly from the reports. New reports may also be launched from within an existing report. Information is real-time.


Keyword Competitor provides graphs of page rank (or search engine page position) over time among a field of competitors for the keywords being tracked. Monitoring reports for paid or organic keywords can be saved in PDF format or emailed as PDF attachments. The user may specify daily or weekly email alerts to learn about any changes in keywords, page rank, competitors, and ads as they occur. Information is real-time.



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