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Kickban refers to a specific type of ban often employed by IRC chanops and administrators of FPS and MMORPG servers against users in order to prohibit or punish bad behavior.

Its precise meaning varies based upon the nature of the server in question, but in general, it is used to terminate the connections of users found to be in violation of the terms of service or acceptable use policy of the server and to prevent the users from reconnecting for a set amount of time. In absence of clear terms of service, kickbans are often used against users found to be in violation of general rules of etiquette and/or decency.

The set of actions generally necessary to trigger a kickban can include, but are not limited to: excessive use of profanity, abusive language, pestering or annoying operators and admins, and excessive team killing.

By general rule, if someone is "kickbanned", they are first added to a blacklist. Depending on the application, they may or may not be notified of this. They are then, usually almost instantly, kicked from the server or channel.

Other words include 'banned', 'blacklisted', 'kicked', 'booted', or the ominous 'deleted'.

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