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Developer(s) LxCenter
Stable release 6.0
Platform Linux
Type Control panel
License LGPL
Website lxcenter.org

Kloxo (formerly known as Lxadmin) is a free opensource[1] web hosting control panel.

Kloxo allows the host administrators to run either lighttpd/Apache or djbdns/bind and provides a graphical interface to switch between these programs without losing data. Kloxo Enterprise can transparently move web/mail/dns from one server running Apache to another running lighttpd.

Kloxo comes integrated with Installapp, which is a bundle of approximately 130 web applications that can be installed to the hosted websites. It also supports Installatron - a third party application installer similar to Fantastico) as a plugin.


Lxadmin/Kloxo name change

Due to concerns about the appropriation of the name (Lxadmin) the name was replaced with Kloxo. There was an outcry from users as the name change involved a complete upgrade of file structures and it was about two weeks before there was an upgrade script for hosting companies.

Security issues

In early June 2009, security related blogs and websites posted details of security loopholes in LxAdmin/Kloxo. Around this time, another piece of software created by the same vendor - HyperVM - was rumored to have been exploited in a massive attack at the British VAserv budget webhosting company. Crackers deleted the content of 100,000 hosted websites in one go, after gaining root access to the system. Evidence of HyperVM being the cause of the attack has never been proven to date. A detailed timeline of these events was posted several months later.[2]


The company's founder, K. T. Ligesh, then committed suicide on June 8, following the security failure and subsequent loss of a large bid to a competitor. Ligesh had long standing personal issues following his mother's suicide 5 years before.[3][4]

It was announced on July 10, 2009, that Kloxo and HyperVM would be continued in an open source consortium to be formed by Arthur Thornton, Danny Terweij, and S Bhargava. However, on October 25, 2009, Arthur Thornton officially resigned as the lead developer of Kloxo and HyperVM. Following his resignation, the HyperVM and Kloxo source code was officially released to the public.


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