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KnowledgeTree 3.6 Screenshot
Developer(s) KnowledgeTree Inc.
Stable release 3.6.1 / May 29, 2009; 148903153 ago
Written in PHP, AJAX enabled
Operating system Cross-platform
Type ECM, Document Management System, Groupware, Content Management Systems, Open Source
License Commercial Edition - Proprietary
Community Edition - GPLv3

KnowledgeTree is an enterprise content management provider with a focus on document management software. According to the company, the software is designed for business professionals to easily install and use without help from IT. The product is delivered in two versions: on-site (server based) and software as a service (SaaS) hosted in Amazon EC2. There is also a free, open source community edition. KnowledgeTree’s features — including workflow, electronic signatures and version control — are designed to help organizations manage the document lifecycle, promote collaboration and ensure compliance.

KnowledgeTree is written in PHP and uses the Apache Web Server and MySQL database management system. A multi-platform installer provides end-users with a one-click install of both the underlying LAMP or WAMP stack and the application itself.

Parts of KnowledgeTree are released under GPL Version 3 from version 3.5.0.[1]



A complete list of features is available on the KnowledgeTree web site. Generally, the product provides the full range of document management functions, such as checking documents in and out for editing, version control, access control through roles and permissions and a tree-like document structure. Additionally, KnowledgeTree offers integration with the Microsoft Office suite of applications so that users can access documents stored in the KnowledgeTree repository through the familiar Microsoft interface.

KnowledgeTree also includes workflow functionality along with notifications and alerts that allow reminders to be sent to users for document actions. It supports collaboration around documents using email and discussion threading. REST and SOAP interfaces make it easy for KnowledgeTree to be integrated with other applications.

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