Kumbia PHP Framework

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KumbiaPHP Framework
File:Kumbiaphp framework.png
Developer(s) Development Kumbia
Stable release kumbiaphp_1.0-beta1 / August 13, 2009; 419993368 ago
Written in PHP
Operating system Cross-platform
Development status Active
Type Web application framework
Licence BSD
Website kumbiaphp.com

KumbiaPHP is a web application framework written in PHP for developing database-backed web applications according to the model-view-controller(MVC) pattern and other patterns as ActiveRecord and TemplateView. Optimized for programmer productivity.

Release history for KumbiaPHP Framework

ReleaseDescriptionRelease date
0.3.2First releaseJanuary 2007
0.4February 2007
0.4.4April 2007
0.4.5May 2007
0.4.6 betaJuly 2007
0.4.7Last release 0.4.xSeptember 2007
0.5 alphaKumbia have new dir structureSeptember 2007
0.5 RC1Release Candidate 1June 2008
0.5 RC2Release Candidate 2September 2008
5 RC3Release Candidate 3November 2008
0.5 Stable Stable release Rev. 731 January 2009
1.0-beta1 Release 1.0 Code Name Spirit Beta1 13 August 2009

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