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LXer Linux News is an international independent news and opinion source serving the free and open source software community.



Founded in 2004 by Dave Whitinger, who also founded Linux Today, LXer is currently run by his father Bob Whitinger [1].

FOSS Sponsorship

LXer is an active sponsor for FOSS conventions, including LISA 08 [2] and SCaLE 08 [3].

LXer also provided coverage for T-DOSE 2007 [4] and again in 2008 [5].

LXer provided coverage of 25 different sessions [6] for FOSDEM 2009 [7].


LXer is a Linux news and opinion site accepting moderated comments, and contributing weekly editorials. Current monthly access includes 450,000 unique hits from over 165 countries. LXer content is syndicated by Google[8] and picked up as single source RSS feed from community news websites[9].



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