Larceny (Scheme implementation)

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Developer(s) The Larceny Project
Stable release 0.97 / August 19, 2009; 141843140 ago
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Programming language
License Larceny license

The Larceny Project is a set of computer programming languages, specifically Scheme implementations, using the Twobit optimizing Scheme compiler. Larceny is the back-end which compiles to native x86 or SPARC code, Petit Larceny is a Scheme to C compiler and Common Larceny is a Microsoft .NET compatible implementation running in the Common Language Runtime and generating Common Intermediate Language.

  • Larceny is a research-quality implementation of Scheme compiler for the SPARC (available since 1999).
  • Petit Larceny is a portable implementation of Scheme compiler that compiles to C instead of SPARC machine code (available since June 2005).
  • Common Larceny is an implementation of Scheme compiler that compiles to Microsoft's IL instead of C and runs on Microsoft's CLR (Common Language Runtime) (available since November 2004).

Larceny supports both the R5RS Scheme standard and its newly ratified successor, R6RS. The Larceny software is open source and available online.

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