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LawMoose launched in September, 2000, is believed to have been the first U.S. regional legal search engine operating its own independent web crawler.

Initially LawMoose provided a searchable index drawn from Minnesota law and government sites. Later, it added a similar capability for Wisconsin law sites and select general legal reference starting point sites.

LawMoose has since evolved into a hybrid bi-level public and subscription legal knowledge environment, featuring a thesaurus-based topical map of legal and governmental web resources (which spans the U.S. and globe and adds non-legal resources in a subscriber edition), a ranked list of the largest one hundred Minnesota law firms, ranked by number of Minnesota lawyers, a densely interconnected, constantly evolving legal words, phrases, and concepts network, consisting of 129,000 legal, governmental, business, insurance, and popular terms, interconnected by 506,000 relationships employing a vocabulary of more than 165 relationship types, that functions as a law practice intellectual capital framework and resource discovery assistant (in a subscriber edition), and the Minnesota Legal Periodical Index, listing and topically categorizing more than twenty-eight thousand articles published in Minnesota legal publications from 1984 to the present (in the public edition).

LawMoose's multi-dimensional legal words, phrases, concepts, annotations, and resources network increasingly functions as a navigable intellectual model of law and law practice. This approach to organizing legal knowledge and locating legal resources is a significant departure from traditional hierarchical, case law-specific legal taxonomies, such as the taxonomy utilized by the West American Digest System.

The Minnesota Legal Periodical Index has been continuously maintained by the Minnesota State Law Library since 1984. Since 2002, it has appeared on LawMoose through a collaboration with LawMoose publisher, Pritchard Law Webs, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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