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Linux Outlaws is a Linux News and Technology Podcast, presented by Fabian Scherschel and Dan Lynch. The show covers news and developments that the presenters encounter in their daily usage of Linux[1]. The shows's production is based in Europe, has a community forum, and multiple micro-blogs dedicated to fostering inter-communication among fans of the podcast.



Fabian Scherschel

File:Fabian scherschel.jpg
Linux Outlaw Host: Fabian Scherschel

Fabian Scherschel is a university student from Bonn, Germany who works part-time as a tech support for a large ISP and otherwise spends his time hacking stuff, listening to rock music, or watching Firefly. He is currently running his own Xubuntu remix on his main system.[2] Fabian's main Web/Blogsite is currently[1]

Dan Lynch

File:Dan lynch.jpg
Linux Outlaw Host: Dan Lynch

Dan Lynch is a programmer, musician, and full-time layabout from Merseyside, UK. He used to work for the NHS as a .NET developer before turning his back on the Dark Side to become an open source enthusiast. He has been committed to the open source ethos ever since. Dan's Linux-focused website is currently Adventures in Open Source. Dan interviewed O'Reilly[2] at LUG Radio Live


Each episode generally has a global download count of over 2000 and is often presented with both a serious attitude and a humorous bent.[3] Both Dan and Fabian are described as "down to earth, normal, everyday people" by listeners and reviewers alike[4]. The presenters claim not to be Linux experts, but only to be trying very hard to provide listeners with a good time, entertainment, and interesting Linux-related information.

Linux Outlaws is segment-based, and focuses the show on discussion of various topics throughout the show. Regular features include News and Releases, a look at recent development in free culture and at new releases of Linux distributions and occasionally notable piece of free software. Episode 43 saw the introduction of a Micro-watch sub-segment, concentrating on Microsoft-related news.[5]. The Linux Outlaws show aims to broadcast live on most Monday nights (7pm GMT) but they are always late.

In-Depth Topics and Listener Feedback includes content from both presenters and listeners. Other segments include Tip of the Week and Beer of the Week, where Fabian recommends a brand of beer.

On occasion some shows are produced as specials to focus on one single topic, including the release of Ubuntu 8.04 and an interview with Bradley M. Kuhn.[6][7]


The first episode of Linux Outlaws was September 5 2007. At the time both Dan and Fab were also hosting another Podcast "Rathole radio" [3]. As Stefano Forenza says on his website "you know you’re someone when you get cited 2 times in a single episode of LinuxOutlaws" [8].


Linux Outlaws is recorded simultaneously by the presenters in their respective homes - Bonn, Germany and Merseyside, England - and published in both the Ogg Vorbis and MP3 formats. The process involves recordings made by each presenter on his own machine, as well as a backup analogue recording by Fabian.[9] Recordings are usually made on Monday in a live show, using IRC and releases of the show usually occur on Wednesday. Some changes in schedule may occur when a special show is released, such as an interview.

List of Episodes

The Outlaw Archives is where all episodes are kept.

Linux Outlaws reached their 100th Episode on the 6th July 2009



It has also received mentions from several other related podcasts, such as LugRadio and The Linux Link Tech Show.

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