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Developer(s) LispWorks Ltd
Stable release 6.0 / January 6, 2010; 129745979 ago
Operating system Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X (PowerPC and Intel), Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris (x86/x64 and SPARC), and HP UX
Type IDE
Website LispWorks

LispWorks is a commercial implementation and IDE for the Common Lisp programming language. The software runs on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X (PowerPC and Intel), Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris (x86/x64 and SPARC) and HP UX.

LispWorks was developed by the UK software company Harlequin Ltd. and first published in 1989[1]. Harlequin ultimately spun off its Lisp arm as Xanalys, which took over management and rights to LispWorks. In January 2005, the Xanalys Lisp team formed LispWorks Ltd. to market, develop, and support the LispWorks software.

Some of LispWorks's features are

The Enterprise edition also includes KnowledgeWorks, which adds Prolog features to Lisp; the CommonSQL database interface; and a CORBA binding. The Enterprise edition is also available as a 64bit implementation.

In September 2009, it had been announced that LispWorks 6 would support concurrent threads and the CAPI graphics toolkit has been extended to support GTK+[2]. LispWorks 6 was released January 2010[3].

LispWorks ran on the spacecraft Deep Space 1. The application called RAX won the NASA Software of the Year award in 1999[4].


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