List of FEP software for Symbian S60 3rd Edition

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This is a list of FEP software for Symbian S60 3rd Edition devices.

On S60 phones, a "FEP" (Front-end Processor) is a piece of software which allows an alternate input method which is different from the input service provided by the phone's system. This then allows the text input of different languages which would be previously unsupported (an alternative would be flashing the firmware of the phone). Different FEPs can be switched on phones using FEP software. The display of such texts, however, may require the additional installation of fonts for some languages, especially East Asian scripts (see Mojibake).

These FEPs are used for text-based input purposes and localization of IME.

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  • AknFEP - Default input service for Nokia phones.



  • plusJ for S60 - Also known as "K3Matutake", Japanese localization for S60. Supports Hiragana, Kanji, Fullwidth and Halfwidth Katakana, as well as Fullwidth and Halfwidth Latin Alphanumeric. [5]
  • Q9 (九方) - Chinese localization FEP created by Hong Kong-based company Q9Tech. Supports Pinyin, Stroke, Cangjie and Bopomofo. [6]
  • Hampex FEP - A Korean-language support pack for S60 phones by Korean company Hampex. Final version has not yet been released. [1] [2]


  • S60 Platform FEP Example - demonstration written in C++ by Nokia. [7]



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