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This is a list of notable wiki software applications. For a list of websites using wiki software, organized by topic, see List of wikis.





Microsoft services-based

.NET/Mono based



While not strictly Wiki software, weblog-engine Blosxom mostly meets the definition when used with its wikieditish and wikiwordish plugins. There are also plugins available that enable Blosxom to use the text parsers from Kwiki, TWiki, or PurpleWiki.


  • DokuWiki is a simple-to-use Wiki aimed at the documentation needs of a small company. It uses plain text files and has a simple but powerful syntax which ensures the datafiles remain readable outside the Wiki.
  • MediaWiki was custom-designed for the high-volume Wikipedia encyclopedia project; it is also used for all other projects run by the Wikimedia Foundation, which operates Wikipedia. It is written in PHP and uses a MySQL or PostgreSQL database backend; however it is publicly available and suitable for tailoring to other applications.
    • IpbWiki inherits the functionality of MediaWiki and adds on integration layer to Invision Power Board on top of it (single sign on, forum content in wiki, article rating system, etc...)
  • NotePub is an online notepad with wiki functionality and privacy settings on a note by note basis.
  • PhpWiki is a WikiWikiWeb clone in PHP.
  • PmWiki is a PHP-based wiki. Features include: GPL-licensed, easy installation/customization, designed for collaborative authoring and maintenance of web sites, and support for Internationalization. Does not require a database.
  • PukiWiki is a PHP-based wiki (Japanese). Their site has not been fully translated into English.
  • TigerWiki is a minimalist and simple wiki framework. It has been discontinued, but has a number of forks.
  • TikiWiki CMS/Groupware is one of the larger and more ambitious wiki development projects, including a variety of additional groupware features (message forums, articles, etc.).
  • WakkaWiki is a PHP/MySQL-based lightweight wiki engine. Wakka is no longer maintained, but survives in a number of forks:
    • UniWakka is another fork of Wakka, aims at providing a collaborative authoring tool for scientific web content. It supports WikiFarms installations, MathML, footnotes, tables of contents, bibtex import and export, latex export, latex-like citations, OpenOffice export and more.
    • WackoWiki is a fork of Wakka, with many new features and multilingual interface. Shares several modules, developers and a bugtracker with an NPJ engine.
      • WackoWikiQuickStart is a fork of WackoWiki. Includes modules support (called extensions), visual HTML editor (Spaw), AJAX library and Smarty template engine. Can be used as classic CMS.
    • WikkaWiki is a light, standards-compliant, configurable fork of Wakka with many improvements and new features (among which native support for Mindmaps).


  • MoinMoin is a Wiki clone written in Python. Offers good access control based on user groups.
  • OghamWiki is a WYSIWYG wiki designed for non technical users.
  • TamTam
  • Trac is a Wiki clone that integrates simple issue tracking and an interface to Subversion.
  • WikidPad is a freeware opensource personal use (single-machine) wiki with native support of international characters (Unicode).
  • WikklyText includes a wiki that functions much like TiddlyWiki. It can be used as a stand-alone wiki or run behind Apache.
  • Zwiki is a powerful Zope-based GPL wiki engine. It can integrate with the CMF content management framework and *Plone, and supports several kinds of markup as well as WYSIWYG HTML editing



  • Pier is a Content Management System, built in the style of a Wiki server
  • Swiki is written in Squeak. It runs on common platforms, including Mac, Windows, Linux, as well as others.




  • AcroWiki is a commercial editing application with wiki-like syntax for PalmOS. It stores the notes as Memos (in a separate category) so they can be opened on the desktop machines and exported to an online wiki.
  • Trunk is a commercial personal wiki for the iPhone and iPod Touch which uses the Markdown formatting syntax.


  • Fossil is a distributed version control system that integrates a distributed wiki capability.
  • Techwiki claims to be a Wiki optimized for writing technical stuff - mathematics, equations and the like.
  • WikiServer is a self-contained, easy-to-install wiki written in C++. The current stable release of the latest version runs on Windows and Linux.

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