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In HTML, longdesc is an attribute used within the image element, frame element, or iframe element. It is used to reference a long description website of the image, frame, or iframe in question.[1]

While longdesc was designed to be used by screen readers to display image information for computer users with accessibility issues, such as the blind or visually impaired,[2] it is actually seldom used for this purpose, because there are relatively few authors who use the attribute, and most of those authors use it incorrectly.[3]



<img src="Hello.jpg" longdesc="description.html">

Content of description.html:

<p>This is an image of a two-layered birthday cake.</p>

Linking to the long description in the text

Since very few browsers and screen readers do make the link available at all, it is advisable to include a link to the description page near the img element.


<img src="Hello.jpg" longdesc="description.html"> [<a href=
"description.html" title="long description of the image">D</a>]

Obsoleting longdesc

HTML5 forbids the usage of the longdesc attribute by authors, due to it limited use.[4]

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