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URL http://lookbook.nu
Type of site Fashion blog, photoblog
Available language(s) English
Created by Yuri Lee
Launched 2008
Current status active

"LOOKBOOK.nu" is an invitation-only fashion, youth culture, and community website, created by Yuri Lee in San Francisco. It was inspired by [street style fashion websites and blogs such as The Sartorialist and The Cobrasnake and designed for users to post their own street-fashion photography, featuring themselves and their outfits. The site has been called the "Digg.com for fashion insiders."[1]



The website is free, though invitation-only. Invitations can only be given out by registered members of LOOKBOOK.nu, or with specific codes generated by LOOKBOOK.nu for promotional purposes.

LOOKBOOK.nu has an extremely large and growing userbase (over 50,000 members and over one million unique hits per month). It has been given discussed in major fashion and media outlets including, The Chicago Tribune[2], Elle Belgium[3], Status Magazine[4], and London Evening Standard[5], among others.

Site features

Outfits - or "Looks" - uploaded to LOOKBOOK.nu by its members are scored with points, known as Hype, to judge that outfit's popularity among the LOOKBOOK.nu community. This scoring system is used to differentiate between the looks posted on LOOKBOOK.nu on a basis of what is called "Karma." Karma is the average of the total number of Hypes a user has received, divided by the number of different Looks that user has posted. This karmic average on the site dictates how much exposure that user will receive when posting new looks LOOKBOOK.nu.

Looks are displayed on LOOKBOOK.nu under a variety of different ways on the website. The default view of the site is via the HOT tab, which shows those Looks which are most popular on the site, judged by the amount of Hype it has received, and it's popularity on that day in competition with other Looks. A second tab, NEW, shows all Looks uploaded to the website. The NEW tab offers a feature known as the Karma Filter, which allows for users with a higher Karmic Average to be featured more prominently on the feed. The TOP tab features the most popular Looks posted - and can be sorted by day/week/month/year by the user - while the STATS tab features a list of the users who have gained the most Karma.

Registered users on LOOKBOOK.nu, as well through third party websites including Facebook and Twitter, are allowed the option of Hyping and commenting on the Looks posted by members on LOOKBOOK.nu. Hyping is done anonymously to encourage all users to Hype without shyness, but a user may make their Hype public by leaving the member a comment. Official members of Lookbooks are also allowed to give Love - symbolized with a ♥ - for Looks that they especially like, and are also given an archive of the Looks they have previously Hyped and Loved. Furthermore, users are allowed to "become Fans" of other LOOKBOOK.nu users; when one user becomes a fan of another, that person will receive updates every time the user they have become a fan of uploads a new Look.

LOOKBOOK.nu also offers a forum where users can post topics and discuss with one another. This is a feature only given to official LOOKBOOK.nu members, and is inaccessible by those using third party applications. Users also have the ability to invite new members via an email application through LOOKBOOK.nu.


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