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LotusScript is a dialect of the BASIC programming language used by Lotus Notes and other IBM Lotus Software products.

LotusScript is very similar to Visual Basic. Code can often be copied without modification from one to the other, and programmers familiar with one can easily understand the syntax and structure of code in the other. The major differences between the two are in their respective Integrated Development Environments and in the product-specific object classes provided in each language that are included. VB includes a richer set of classes for UI manipulation, whereas LotusScript includes a richer set of application-specific classes for Lotus Notes, Lotus Word Pro and Lotus 1-2-3. In the case of Lotus Notes, there are classes to work with Notes databases, documents (records) in those databases, etc. These classes can also be used as OLE Automation objects outside of the Lotus Notes environment, from Visual Basic.

LotusScript also allows the definition of user-defined types and classes, although it is not possible to inherit from the product-specific classes.

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