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Lynda Weinman is a leading author on web design and web graphics. She first publicized the "web-safe" color palette first discovered by Bruce Heavin.'s Online Training Library is a provider of online training for creative computer software. As president of, she also oversees the publishing of books, CD-ROM and DVD training materials. In addition, produces conference style events such as the FlashForward conference.

Lynda taught digital media and motion graphics at Art Center College of Design in the early 90s. Her career exploded after publishing Designing Web Graphics in 1996. The best-selling book is often credited with being the first title to discuss web authoring technologies from a visual design perspective.

Lynda directed music videos for Howard Jones and Lyle Lovett and she contributed to visual effects in many films including Buckaroo Banzai and Return of the Jedi[dubious ].


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