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Modeling and Simulation with MapleSim
Developer(s) Maplesoft
Initial release December 15, 2008[1]
Stable release 3.0
Platform Cross-platform
Available in English, Japanese
Type modeling, simulation, Graphical User Interface
License Proprietary
Website MapleSim homepage

MapleSim is a multi-domain modeling and simulation tool developed by Maplesoft. MapleSim generates model equations, runs simulations, and performs analyses using the symbolic and numeric mathematical engine of Maple. Models are created by dragging-and-dropping components from a library into a central workspace, resulting in a model that represents the physical system in a graphical form. Maplesoft began development of MapleSim partly in response to a request from Toyota to produce physical modeling tools to aid in their new model-based development process.[2] [3]

The MapleSim library includes many components that can be connected together to model a system. These components are from areas of science and engineering such as electrical, mechanical, and thermal engineering fields. MapleSim also includes traditional signal flow components that can be combined with other physical components in the workspace. Thus, MapleSim is able to combine causal modeling methods with acausal techniques that do not require specification of signal flow direction between all components.[4]

The use of Maple underneath MapleSim allows all of the system equations to be generated and simplified automatically. The user can explore their system in various ways, such as viewing the equations behind their model and performing parameter optimization.[5][6] The use of the Maple mathematics engine also allows for MapleSim to incorporate such features as units management and solving of high order DAEs that are typically encountered in complex acausal models.[7]

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