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Developer(s) Farsheed Ashouri
Stable release 2.5.6 / January 5, 2009; 161371635 ago
Operating system Microsoft Windows / Linux
Type Text editor
License GNU

mapy is a free software for Autodesk Maya and is an external command sender.



  • Users can develop Python and MEL scripts on most of advanced text editors using mapy.
  • mapy has a feature named Automatic Selected Text Sender that executes only selected parts of script.
  • mapy works with various text editors including SciTE, UltraEdit, TextPad , ...


mapy has been given high ranks by different users. [1] In a review published on Highend3d, different users claimed that mapy is very useful. Also in mapy's blog [2] most users acknowledge its idea and development.


mapy has few limitations. Since it is only a command sender (And not a plug-in) it cant solve problems occurred by Maya (software). Also mapy is not multi platform. The mac version of mapy is not available yet and the linux version has been discontinued since version 1.4.0 (but available for download).


based on author [3] mapy will be open source as version 2.5.

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