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Mark Marshall is a online producer, web designer, radio producer and recording artist from New York.

As an online producer and web designer, he is responsible for the web presences of Mark Wood, Electric Violinist for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Mike Malloy (radio host), Michael Levine (former DEA agent and New York Times Best Seller list author), and many others.

As a radio producer, he has co-hosted and produced over 100 episodes of the "Expert Witness Radio Show" on the Pacifica Radio Network's flagship station, WBAI-FM in New York.

As a singer and recording artist, his voice and instrumental music have appeared in numerous broadcasts and products. He has one CD release to date, New Eye.

He is currently engaged in the "Four For 4" project, in which he creates three albums in a year, along with a special version of the "New Eye" album - with an online audience.

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