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The Mathcad notation or Mathcad syntax is used to enter formulas and commands for Mathcad, a commercial mathematical software.


Rounding functions

Several functions are available for rounding fractional numeric values to integral values or specifi number of fraction digits:

  • round(z,n): returns z rounded to n (optional) decimal places. If n is omitted, returns z rounded to the nearest integer (n is assumed to be zero). If n<0, returns z rounded to n places to the left of the decimal point. For example,
round(π-2πi) returns 3-6i
round(-(π-2πi)) returns -3+6i.
  • trunc(z): returns the integer part of z by removing the fractional part. For example
trunc(2.7) returns 2
trun(-2.7) returns -2
  • floor(z): returns the greatest integer ≤ z
floor(π-2πi) returns 3-7i
floor(-(π-2πi)) returns -4+6i
  • ceil(z): returns the smallest integer ≥ z
ceil(π-2πi) returns 4-6i
ceil(-(π-2πi)) returns -3+7i

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