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Developer(s) MetaBB Group
Stable release 7 / July 26, 2007; 207072826 ago
Platform PHP
Type Discussion forum
License GPL

MetaBB is a pre-hacked phpBB forum created by the MetaBB Group on November 11, 2004, seeking to reach the perfect balance between speed, features, flexibility and security. MetaBB is used by many forum users and webmasters. Most of the features that MetaBB has can be turned off or on for greater flexibility.


MetaBB has grown through the years and is one of the more known phpBB premods. It started in 2004 with development but soon became a premod in demand. Its mods flow more than other premods that jam unnecessary mods into their premod. In August 2007 the MetaBB 7 RC1 was released. In September 2007 MetaBB 7 RC6 was released with no known bugs. In October 2007 MetaBB 7.1.1 and 7.1.2 came out with a few more great features and a new Battle System. More is planned for the future but it is slowly progressing to the latest version of phpBB.


Modifications (Mods) from phpBB, its users, and some popular mods have been added to MetaBB to give forum owners a wider range of tools, options, and entertainment. The mods can be turned off to fit the needs of the specific forum. More updated mods are being added to the selection of mods.

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